Quick answer

If you have questions about an item or order, your seller is the best person to help you.


Where can I find GQ Markets phone number? Can I call GQ Markets Support? 

To contact GQ Markets customer service, select the Contact support button below and  we can help you with account, shop, or purchasing issues.

We’ll connect you with the type of support that’s the best fit for your specific question: chat, phone, or email.


You must sign in to your GQ Markets account to contact GQ Markets Support. This helps us verify your identity and provide you with quicker customer service. If you can’t sign in and need to contact GQ Markets Support, follow the steps in this article.

You can also register for an account if you don’t already have one.

I don’t want to wait on hold. Can GQ Markets Support call me? 

If you’re an GQ Markets buyer, an established seller, or a Star Seller, you may see an option to receive a callback from GQ Markets when you sign in and select an issue. 

 Not seeing the callback support option? Don’t worry! We offer support options for all GQ Markets members, which may include 24/7 chat or email support depending on your question. Sign in, select an issue, and we’ll connect you with the option where we can best support you. 

I have a question or problem with my order

If you have questions about an item or order you purchased, you can contact the seller. The seller is the best person to help you if you need to:

  • Check your order status
  • Update your delivery address
  • Make a change to your order
  • Request a refund, return, or exchange
  • Request a cancellation
  • Or if you have any other question about your order

If the seller isn’t responding, you can open a case with the seller. 

How do I start an GQ Markets shop?

Congrats on starting your GQ Markets shop! We have plenty of resources to help you get started selling on GQ Markets:

  • Learn how to set up your shop.
  • Learn everything you need to know about running your GQ Markets shop.
  • Problems with your sales? 
  • Get paid for all your hard work with Woohoo Pay Payments.
  • Quote buyers accurate postage with calculated postage.