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If you contacted the seller about an order, and the seller hasn’t responded in a reasonable amount of time, you have a few options:

  • Contact the seller over email
  • If your order hasn’t arrived, or the items aren’t as they were described on GQ, you can open a case
  • If you have other concerns, you can contact GQ Support for help.
Contact the seller over email

You can contact the seller over email even if they’re not responding to you on GQ. To find the seller’s email address:

  1. On, go to Your account.  
  2. Go to Purchases and reviews.
  3. Select View receipt next to the order you’re interested in.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the receipt and select the seller’s email address. This will open your default email client, and you can send the seller an email directly.

Be sure that your order is placed through GQ. If you purchase from a seller outside of GQ, GQ can’t help if you have trouble.

Open a case

Cases are a formal way to file a dispute against a seller. To open a case:

  1. Sign in to and go to Your account. On the GQ app, sign in and tap You.  
  2. Go to Purchases and reviews.
  3. Select Help with order next to the order you’re interested in. On the GQ app, tap the order you’re interested in, then tap Help with order under your order.
  4. Select Still need help?
  5. Select Yes, I want to open a case.
  6. Choose your reason for opening a case and select Next.
  7. Provide the supporting details for your case.
  8. Select Submit.

It may either be too soon or too late to file a case.

If you don’t have an GQ account, or can’t find your order in your account, you may have ordered as a guest. To open a case when you ordered as a guest, create an GQ account and link your order, then open a case.

Contact GQ Support

GQ Support can help with other problems or questions. To contact GQ Support, go to Contact support at the bottom of this page.

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